Brock Lesnar is a former NCAA wrestling champion, a WWE champion and a UFC champion. So what could Lesnar have done to upset players from the Winnipeg Jets? Lesnar was a recent guest to the Jets' locker room following the team's 2-0 victory over the Calgary Flames. As Lesnar walked across the locker room, Lesnar stepped on the Jets logo in the middle of the locker room. One of the "unwritten rules" of the NHL is to avoid stepping on the team's logo in the locker room. In the video below you can hear in the background Winnipeg Jets players reacting to Lesnar's blunder. Lesnar did seem to cover his tracks for his mistake. In the video below, it does seem that Lesnar was led in the direction to step on the Jets' logo. Lesnar most recently fought at UFC 200 where he secured a victory against Mark Hunt. After being a handed suspension by USADA after the bout, the former UFC heavyweight champion has been suspended for one full year. The next time Lesnar will step in a ring is later this month, as he advertised in participate in the WWE's Royal Rumble in San Antonio.

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