The schedule says the New York Rangers have 2 games left and a magic number of 1 point to clinch a playoff spot. The truth is they have 1 game left to get that needed point.

Oh I have this queasy feeling in my stomach if the Rangers don't beat the Carolina Hurricanes on the road Thursday night then Saturday might be ugly. The out of the playoff New Jersey Devils would LOOOOOOVE to get revenge on their chief rival who knocked them out of the playoff chase last Sunday.

True the Rangers could back into a playoff slot. Winnipeg has 1 game left and must win  at home vs a needy Montreal club. The Canadians are tied with the Boston Bruins for the Northeast division title and the number 2 seed in the upcoming playoffs. That could mean the difference between playing a hot Islander club or a limping Ranger team. After that the Jets must watch.

Back to the hated Devils. Oh I talked a lot of junk after Sundays Ranger win 4-1 at the Garden that knocked out the Devils. I always talk a lot of junk when it comes to New Jersey.

Being a long time Ranger fan has taught me to expect the worst and hope for the best. Combine that with my more then eager mouth to play up the Rangers as a Stanley Cup contender all year despite their many bumps. I have primed the pump for the audience to cream me ( Game On With Bruce Jacobs) should the Rangers do the unthinkable. Lose 3 straight games to non playoff teams. The loss in Florida Tuesday night is galling. The Panthers threw in the towel on their terrible season a few weeks back. You can't lose that game. Yet lose the Rangers did. Combine that with Carolina beating the Islanders in OT and that tells you the Canes are still playing hard despite their disappointing season.

Oh that queasy feeling!

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