On Wednesday afternoon, U.S. bronze medalist Erin Hamlin called into Armen Williams' show on 104.5 The Team.

Just moments after receiving her medal for the women's singles luge, Hamlin was on her way back to the Olympic Village.

Part I: Erin Hamlin on 104.5 The Team

"It was awesome," said Hamlin, on the Team. "The stage was huge. There were so many people. My family was right there in the front row so it was awesome to have them there. It’s crazy, it was amazing."

Remsen Elementary School Video
Remsen Elementary School Video

Hamlin's father, Ron Hamlin, had reportedly made a deal that he would shave his beard off if his daughter got to the medal stand. But as of Wednesday, Erin was having second thoughts about her dad's facial hair.

"Over four years ago we had a foreign exchange student staying with my family and I think they made a little bit of a bet that if I won an Olympic medal of any color that he would have to shave off his beard that he’s had longer than I’ve been alive.

"But I don’t think I can make him shave off his beard, it’s kind of become his iconic thing. People immediately recognize him and he definitely stands out in a crowd. Beards are like the ‘in’ thing now so I don’t think I could take away such a stylish accessory to his being. I told him we might have to do some creativity with the clippers and see what comes of that."

It's the first time in the history of the Olympics that an American has medaled in the singles luge, prompting Hamlin to go on an intense media tour that started minutes after she won bronze.

So what's been the highlight of all the interviews? (Besides the Team, of course)

"I think The Today Show probably topped it off. It’s such an iconic Olympic moment, being on the set of The Today Show. I’ve watched so many years of Olympic coverage on NBC.

"Being on that stage was pretty amazing. It’s a moment that I never really thought I’d be in. It’s pretty crazy to be in the interviews and on the set. That’s probably on the top of the list right now."

Part II: Erin Hamlin on 104.5 The Team

The upstate native, from Remsen, New York, has kept up with her family and friends throughout the Olympic Games.

"I love that I can share a lot of moments with friends from home. I’ve even face timed some friends and family from the opening ceremony. That was pretty sweet. I can’t wait to come home and celebrate with everyone."

Hamlin will remain in Sochi throughout the remainder of the games to continue cheering on her U.S. teammates.

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