Chalk up another coach killing to Deron Williams. Jerry Sloan wasn't enough for him, now he brings his coach killing in Brooklyn.

The Nets told Avery Johnson 'see ya' on Thursday after the high hopes for Brooklyn were quickly sinking. It was revealed just about a week ago that Johnson and Williams were having issues, as the spoiled Williams didn't like Johnson's system mostly consisting of isolation ball.

Brooklyn spent big in the off season and their Russian tycoon owner spent all summer poking at the NY Knicks. Needless to say, Mikhail Prokorov has egg on his face as the Knicks have taken the NBA by storm and the Nets are at .500 (14-14). The media went gaga over Brooklyn. I urged caution and never thought the Nets were as good as the experts claimed. Hey, I got one right!

For his part it's not like Johnson will be confused with Phil Jackson any time soon. In his three plus years with Brooklyn and then New Jersey, Johnson's record is a lame 60-116. The Nets brought in Joe Johnson, Reggie Evans, and spent lavishly on re-signing Williams as well as Brook Lopez. The Nets spent over $300 million in the off season and moved into their new home in Brooklyn.

Reports of a feud between Williams and Avery surfaced about a week ago. Williams already has to his "credit" the firing of hall of famer Jerry Sloan on his coach killing resume.

The Nets got pounded on Christmas day at home by the Boston Celtics and followed that by getting slammed in Milwaukee on Wednesday night. They played the Bucks without Williams who has a sore wrist. Also, Kris Humphries has been hurt as well.

Brooklyn announced that P.J. Carlesimo will take over on an interim basis. Don't turn your back P.J. Remember what Latrell Sprewell did to you. Well, Deron Williams won't choke you, but stab you in the back? That's old hat for the spoiled Williams.

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