Bills fans have been chanting that they want the front office to give Josh Allen more weapons.  They started to do just that today.

Today is the first official day of free agency and the Bills have been making moves to be able to free up some cap space.  Sources are saying that they have agreed to sign wide receiver Deonte Harty from the New Orleans Saints.

What's Deonte Harty known for?

Harty (formerly known as Deonte Harris) is another speedy receiver.  He's known for stretching a defense and making big plays.

According to Chris Wecht, he was 4th in YPRR in 2021 among WRs with at least 200 routes.

How much did the Bills sign him for?

This is one of the things that most commenters are saying was a misstep.  They seem to like the signing, but seem to think we over paid for him.  His deal, according to Ian Rapoport, it's a two year, $13.5 million max deal.  He will get a $9.5 million base and $5 million fully guaranteed.

Last year, Harty dealt with injury

Harty was a first-team all-pro and Pro Bowler in 2019.  He was a Pro Bowl alternate in 2021 but missed a bunch of time in 2022 while he struggled with a toe turf injury.  It's an injury that can sideline a player for up to months.  Obviously, the more severe the injury is, the longer it will take to recover from it.

What will happen to Isaiah McKenzie?

Some are thinking that this move is meant to either replace McKenzie or to create more competition for him.  He is a very loved player in Buffalo, but he was pretty inconsistent throughout 2022.

Most fans seem to hope that this isn't it.  They're still there will be more weapons to bring in for Allen.

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