The recent shooting death of former New Orleans Saints defensive end has NFL players, coaches, and fans in an uproar over the need for guns. Smith was shot and killed Saturday night after a minor car accident that escalated into a verbal altercation between Smith and Cardell Hayes. Hayes pulled out a gun and shot Smith several times. Smith was pronounced dead at the scene.

In wake of Smith's death, his former head coach with the Saints, Sean Payton, voiced his opinion on the gun violence in New Orleans and around the country.

"I hate guns," Payton told USA Today Sports.

"I've heard people argue that everybody needs a gun," Payton said. "That's madness. I know there are many kids who grow up in a hunting environment. I get that. But there are places, like England, where even the cops don't have guns."

Payton has been the coach of the Saints since 2006 and coached the team to a Super Bowl XLIV win over the Indianapolis Colts.

"It was a large caliber gun. A .45," Payton said. "It was designed back during World War I. And this thing just stops people. It will kill someone within four or five seconds after they are struck. You bleed out. After the first shot, he took three more in his back. ... We could go online and get 10 of them and have them shipped to our house tomorrow.

"I don't believe that was the intention when they allowed for the right for citizens to bear arms."

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