In case you missed the news on Monday morning, the Buffalo Bills released more renderings of their new stadium in Orchard Park, which is expected to be completed in time for the 2026 regular season.

Being built directly across from Highmark Stadium's location on Abbott Road, the 60,000-plus seat, open-air stadium will be state-of-the-art. It will have a similar design that you see in many modern soccer stadiums in Europe and feature some cool features for Bills fans.

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The new renderings feature Bills logos and names across the stadium and the interior shots look very cool; with concourses and watch rooms by the looks of it. You can see them at the Bills' website.

One thing many Bills fans are noticing is an apparent new slogan that they placed inside one of the renderings: a sign that reads, "Just Freeze Baby."

It's a play on words of the famous Al Davis phase, "Just Win Baby." Davis is the late founder and owner of the Raiders franchise.

The sign is places many times in that same rendering on the Bills website.

It's a cool phrase to use for a Buffalo sports team, but what about "I Wish It Was Colder," in reference to a shirt that Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel wore at practice before a snow game back in December.

The new renderings looks spectacular. There is a portion of Bills fans who wanted a dome and while that would have brought endless possibilities in multi-use events, the cost of that kind of stadium would have cost taxpayers even more money, which wasn't feasible given the state's heavy involvement in the agreement.

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