Podcast: Buster Olney on the Mike Trout comparison

During the All-Star Home Run Derby, Tim Kurkjian compared Mike Trout to Mickey Mantle. When asked if that was a fair comparison, Buster Olney took it to the next level.

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"He's better than Mickey Mantle," said Olney on 104.5 The Team with Armen and Levack. "Remember, Mickey Mantle hurt his knee in the 1951 World Series and while he was an unbelievable player during the course of his career, there was always the wishful talk amongst scouts, 'if only he could be what he was when he was younger'.

"Well Mike Trout is still that guy. He's still the guy that runs faster than anybody, he's still the guy who hit the longest home run in the big leagues this year.

"And we saw the other night in the All-Star game, he just looks like he's playing at a different speed. I do think we're watching one of the greatest players of all time."

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