"Trout reminds you so much of Derek Jeter," said Buster Olney, with Armen and Levack on Thursday, as he was sitting in the Dodger Stadium press box.

"He keeps everything really simple. He's totally not phased. The reason why other players really like him is because he looks like he's having fun."

In July, Olney told Armen and Levack that the comparison to Trout and legend Mickey Mantle wasn't much of one.

“He’s better than Mickey Mantle,” said Olney, over the summer. “Remember, Mickey Mantle hurt his knee in the 1951 World Series and while he was an unbelievable player during the course of his career, there was always the wishful talk amongst scouts, ‘if only he could be what he was when he was younger’. Well Mike Trout is still that guy."

The 23-year old has an opportunity this post-season to being making his own legacy as someone that can produce in the month of October.

"This is his first time on this stage and I think he's going to do great," said Olney, on Thursday. "Now, whether or not they can beat the Royals is a different question."

In regards to Trout being referenced to Jeter?

Levack: "Could we please stop comparing Trout to former Yankees?"

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