Every so often I can't sleep and when I'm battling Insomnia sometimes I find things that blow my mind. Last night was one of those nights. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE Caddyshack! I've seen it a million times, I can basically act it out start to finish. For anyone that needs a refresher course here's the trailer from the 1980 comedy masterpiece Caddyshack.

Ok now clearly Bill Murray as Carl Spackler is my hands down favorite part of the movie.

Now what if I told you Carl is in Ghostbusters?! Okay he's not really but he was supposed to be! Here's the Ghostbusters trailer for a quick reminder.


I know what you're thinking "Levack you idiot, Bill Murray isn't Carl Spackler in this movie he's Doctor Peter Venkman!" Okay so here's where the deleted scene comes in. In this scene Rick Moranis AKA Louis Tulley is running for his life in the 1984 hit through Central park when he sees these guys!

THAT'S BILL MURRAY AS CARL SPACKLER!!! I think it's also Dan Akroyd reprising his role of Captain Tom Everett from Caddyshack 2 but I KNOW THAT'S CARL!!!