We've all seen the new Nike Commercial where P.Diddy plays Calvin Johnson's alter ego "Johnson."

He's the guy who's supposed to deal with all of the demands, the distractions a pro athlete goes through. Calvin is suppose to just focus on football.

Cowboys' wide receiver Dez Bryant should find someone to keep "his" alter ego in check. In Sunday's game, a 31-30 win by the Lions, Dez went on a side-line tirade that didn't cost his team the game, but it did show where his focus is.  Earlier in the week he stated he was just as good as Calvin.

On Sunday,  Dez got caught up in the numbers game and instead of worrying about the end result, he wanted to go catch for catch with Calvin. Didn't happen.

Johnson lit up the Cowboys secondary for 329 yards on 14 catches and a TD. The funny thing, of Bryant's three catches, two were for TD's. You could argue, that Bryant had more impact with his three catches, than Johnson did with his 14.

In the end, Calvin was being Calvin, focusing on helping his team get a win. Dez was not.

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