Rob Gronkowski is hilarious in this video.  This one-minute video is pure gold.  There is even a "Gronk spike" at the end.


New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski cracks me up.  My favorite part in this video is actually at the :35-second mark when Gronk says, "You're crazy, let's play."  I tend to find subtle humor to be very funny.  The push-ups at the beginning and the Gronk spike at the end were great.  I find this video to be very entertaining.

It's crazy that Gronkowski is known more for being a sideshow than an extremely-productive tight end.  The man caught a league-leading 17 touchdowns last season.  Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson also had a great season with 16 touchdown receptions.  Gronkowski caught a lot of flak for dancing in a club on his injured ankle after the Patriots lost Super Bowl XLVI to the New York Giants 21-17.  He's known for goofing around more than his great production.  Don't lose sight of how big of a weapon Gronk is on the football field because of his antics off of it.

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