The Jets traded Jamal Adams so the question remains what will the fallout be for the defense? Obviously you cannot replace Adams on defense but can they get close to that? Dennis Waszak Jr. tells us why he believes Greg Williams can work with what they have above, make sure to listen!


RODGER'S QUICK TAKE: We are only one weekend into the start of the Major League Baseball season, and already we have cancellations due to the Coronavirus. The virus is not going away anytime soon, but if MLB is going to allow this season to continue they need faster testing results. It shouldn’t take 2 days to get results, it should take one day or less. The Marlins won’t be the only team to have an outbreak from Covid 19, but when it happens, MLB needs a better and faster way of handling it, and instant testing would be the way to go. And money should not be an obstacle.

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