For the second consecutive year, the umpires of the Schenectady Baseball Umpire Association and the Eastern New York Umpires Association are partnering to try to raise awareness for cancer and cancer research.

The program, which will be highlighted by the umpires wearing pink jerseys instead of blue, will run from June 16-26 in conjunction with Fathers Day, which is June 19th.

To talk about the program we brought in Capital Region umpire Jim Dalton. We asked him how the program has grown and the motivation the groups have in year two, as well as what the umpires and public can do to help the cause.

Furthermore, because Dalton has such a unique vantage point, we asked him about drafting of Ian Anderson No. 3 overall in the Major League Draft and talked with him about what a 90 MPH fastball looks like from the umps perspective.