WWE Network's three newest shows The Mortician: The Paul Bearer Story, Brothers of Destruction and WWE's Untold all include references to the Capital Region

During an interview In The Mortician, Fabolous Free Bird member Michael P.S. Hayes remembers that he was in "Albany, New York" when he found out the news that his friend William "Paul Bearer" Moody had passed away.

In Brothers of Destruction, the special discusses the rivalry and history of The Undertaker and Kane. Early in the documentary, an event is shown from Glens Falls with a younger version of Glenn Jacobs (Kane) and Jerry "The King" :Lawler. Kane notes Glens Falls was the location where he first met The Undertaker.

In the newest WWE Untold episode, the story discusses the rivalry between John Cena and Edge. In one of the most surprising moments in a WWE championship match in the company's history, Edge cashed in his "Money In The Bank" briefcase against John Cena and defeated him for the title that night. The event took place in 2006 during WWE's New Year's Revolution held at the Times Union Center.

This is not the first time Albany was mentioned in a WWE Untold episode. You can find out more about an Albany restaurant being mentioned in the show from this story from 104.5 The Team from September 2019.

The Capital Region is known for some of professional wrestling greatest moments. The New York Post selected Monday Night Raw's greatest moment as a moment that happened in the Times Union Center

Both The Mortician: The Paul Bearer Story, Brothers of Destruction and WWE's Untold are available to watch now on demand on the WWE Network. If you don't have the WWE Network, you can sign up for the site here. The WWE Network offers on demand programming from past events from Glens Falls along with the Times Union Center (formerly known as Pepsi Arena and Knickerbocker Arena) including pay per views, Monday Night RAW shows and more.

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