In the early hours of Tuesday morning, tragedy struck in Baltimore, Md.

A massive shipping vessel, owned by the company Maersk, had recently departed from the Port of Baltimore, and crashed into a pillar of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The power of the impact caused the entire bridge to collapse, sending vehicles, and individuals, into the freezing water below.

Here is a video of the collision. It's a tough scene to watch, so please, watch at your own risk:

Officials said that at least seven people were believed to be sent into the water after the collapse, according to a report from USA Today. One person was found, and was thankfully unharmed, while a second person that was discovered was said to be in critical condition.

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No crew members on the Maersk ship were injured, per the report. Officials have yet to board the vessel to begin their investigation, as they are still unsure about the extent of the damage to the ship.

An air, land and water rescue search is currently underway, and vehicle traffic in the area is currently being diverted away from the bridge. No ships have been allowed to pass through the area, either.

YouTube / CBS News
YouTube / CBS News

The Key Bridge was a crucial part of the traffic patterns in Maryland, which further complicates this tragedy. The ARTBA Bridge Report for Maryland reports approximately 188,860 crossings are made over that bridge per day, the largest amount in the state by over 100,000.

This terrible event in Maryland got us thinking: when we are driving around the Capital Region, how safe are the bridges that we use every day?

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Of course, there is no way to predict a crash like this, but data does exist on how safe, or unsafe, the bridges around us already are. Scroll below to learn more about the bridges of the Capital Region.

Here's a hint: for some of these, you might want to find an alternate route.

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