If you can't seem to overcome your lead-foot, you may want to drive around this Capital Region town. Or just slow down.

It is one of the worst feelings you get when you're on the road. You know you were going just a little too fast, or you rolled through that stop sign, then all of a sudden you see those flashing lights behind ya. Well, it turns out, in one Capital Region town, you are more likely to see those lights and get a ticket than anywhere in a state.

According to the Law Office of James L. Riotto,  Colonie ranks #4 on their rankings of the 5 worst towns in the state for traffic violations. The report says in 2017, over $2 million in citations were issued within Colonie's borders! That's a lot of traffic violations.

Now there are a few ways to look at this. And we know what the skeptic's point of view would be on this topic. But ultimately, ya gotta be breaking a traffic law to get pulled over and get a ticket. And let's be honest. The way a lot of us, me included, drive at times here in the Capital Region we probably deserve most of those tickets! Plus, Colonie is usually pretty congested, especially on Central Avenue. Sheer traffic volume and just a lot of people driving through probably contribute the most to this ranking.

But still, maybe come up with a good excuse or two to get out of that next ticket. Or better yet, slow down and stay safe. Especially in Colonie!

You can see the full top 5 rankings of worst NY towns for traffic violations here.

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