A 77-year-old woman was carjacked from the parking lot of Colonie Center and was held in the car 'till they were near Fuller Road and then was pushed out of the car at Inga's Diner.

The woman, thank God, did not suffer any life-threatening injures. The car was found today on Delaware Street around 8 a.m. The suspect is still at large. Any information on this, please call the Colonie police.

We read about these things all the time but if you're like me, we are often unaware that they can happen right here. I grew up in NYC and have the kind of radar you need to survive in a place like that. I find that if I see someone near my car or approaching it, I lock the doors and make sure I have an escape route. It's just a survival tool I developed from living in a place where these things are uncommon, but, as we can see, they can happen anywhere. So be careful, be aware. Take nothing for granted—it's a crazy world we live in.