On March 16, 2023, Casa Susanna opened its doors.

As described on the restaurant's website, Casa Susanna is Chef Efrén Hernández's take on Mexican cuisine sourcing his family history and the abundance of the Hudson Valley. It exists as part of the legendary Camptown Hotel, at the foot of the Catskill Mountains. The eatery has been open for less than one full calendar year, yet it's already turning heads with its impressive menu.

It's already winning awards for its cuisine, as well.

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Cafe Susanna Named Among Best 'New' Restaurants in America in 2023

A story from New York Upstate cited a recent piece done by Esquire Magazine, one which named the 50 best "new" restaurants that burst onto the culinary scene in 2023.

One of the restaurants included was Casa Susanna, which is located at 800 Co Rd 23B in Leeds, NY. Here is the exact location, in relation to the Northway:

How's this for a ringing endorsement:

"Let's just say it: Nowhere on the East Coast will you have better Mexican food than what Hernández is cooking at Casa Susanna." - Esquire Magazine

The article cites three staples of the menu -- the squash-blossom tetela, the mackerel al pastor, the tamal de chocolat -- as a few of the numerous reasons to make your way to the Catskills for a bite at the Casa.

After all, their dishes look like this:

Here's a better look at the ambience that one can expect when visiting Casa Susanna:

Eight other New York-based restaurants were featured in Esquire's article, but all of them are located somewhere in New York City, furthering the argument that Casa Susanna is truly a one-of-a-kind experience in Upstate New York.

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