We’ve all seen the video of the homeless guy with a radio voice from God. He got a job, and you’ll never guess where.

Cleveland. The homeless guy from Columbus is headed up the highway (the highway he conveniently lives on) to Cleveland to be the public address announcer for the Cleveland Cavaliers - they are even giving him a house.

He is going from making 30 bucks an hour begging under a bridge and living in a box - wait WTF.

This Guy made 30 bucks an hour begging, yes he made 30 bucks an hour on a street corner tossing out radio lines. That’s 62k a year, how is that guy homeless? I make half what that guy used to and I have a place (living with roommates).  Now MTV, the creators of the Simpsons, Entertainment Tonight, and Credit Unions are offering him jobs. AND HE IS TURNING THEM DOWN.

He took the gig as the PA for the CAV’s, for the job security and a house. Great the guy goes from 60+k a year to a high paying gig with an NBA team. So I’ve learned something, if I want a raise, if I want to do nothing, and if I want to get a job doing PA for a sports team. I just quit my job drink all day and live under a bridge. I’m not going to, but a man can dream.

Oh, and here is the video for the 3 people who haven’t seen it