Each Monday at 4:00 p.m. Levack and I recap the weekend in a segment called "Monday Mirages." Does this team, player, performance having lasting power, or is it just a one-week mirage?

This week, we recapped the debut game for the Albany Empire. Despite the loss on the field, should Saturday be a considered a success for the franchise? Siena basketball head coach Jimmy Patsos resigned this past Friday. Will Siena basketball hire a new coach by the end of the week? The NBA playoff officially tipped off this past weekend.

The Cavaliers lost in big fashion to the Indiana Pacers. Are the Cavaliers in danger of getting upset in the first round? I don't think anyone needs to be overreacting about a game one no-show from the Cavs, but there have been questions all year long about how they would perform when the chips are down and the games matter. LeBron has led teams to victory with a lot longer odds than this, though, so let's keep some perspective. If they go down into an 0-2 hole, then maybe people will be right to start talking upset. Right now, it was just one bad game.

Plus will a New York NFL team pull off a big trade before the NFL draft? Plus did Levack ruin his own water heater?

What is real and what is a mirage? Tune into Levack and Goz today at 4pm to let us know your thoughts.


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