Most of New York state's counties are now falling under the CDC's "high" COVID community level designation.

Chances are over the last few weeks it probably seems like everyone you know has been coming down with COVID. I know in our circle of friends in Clifton Park, I think everyone has had at least one member of their family if not several come down with the virus recently. So the latest COVID level news should come as no surprise.

A few weeks ago only 10 counties were on this list. And now the CDC says 45 counties statewide are having high community levels of COVID, including 6 in the Capital Region.

The CDC created this monitoring system to measure community levels of COVID to determine recommended precautionary measures that the public should take;

At all three levels (low, medium, and high), the CDC recommends getting vaccinated and testing for those who have symptoms. In counties with a medium designation, the CDC recommends that at-risk individuals wear a mask indoors. If a county is given a high designation the CDC recommends all residents mask up when in public indoor spaces. I know I have certainly noticed more folks in the Capital Region wearing masks of late.

Here is the full list of New York counties that currently have a "high" community-level designation.

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