Thursday, February 4th is National Hemp Day. A day that was started in 2019 by cbdMD, National Hemp Day is an annual celebration of American hemp farmers and the rapid growth of the industry as a whole in recent years.

 If you're into CBD and the claimed benefits of CBD products Thursday might be the perfect day to try the newest CBD offering in New York. I have used CBD for pain relief and have experienced a feeling of relaxation after taking a product infused with CBD.

Beak & Skiff, the Central New York company started as an apple orchard that made hard cider, then, whiskey and vodka, and more recently to CBD products. The newest CDB offering is their CBD Sparkling Water that contained 20mg of CBD the non-psychoactive derivative from hemp that's touted by advocates for its positive health benefits.

The new CBD Seltzer is certified organic and is advertised as a dietary supplement because it can't be advertised as having any specific medical benefits. Unlike most seltzers on the market, it doesn't contain any alcohol and the CBD seltzer doesn't give you a cannabis high because it doesn't contain any THC, the compound that is associated with the high you get from marijuana. It's available in two flavors, Black Cherry and Blood Orange.

💦Organic Full Spectrum Hydration💦⁠⁠
🌳Sparkling H20 Infused w/ 20mg of Full Spectrum CBD Extract⁠⁠

Posted by Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards on Thursday, January 28, 2021

CBD and THC infused beverages have been around for a while, but not in New York. New clarifications on hemp regulations have finally allowed for an Upstate New York business to offer a CBD infused beverage for the first time. I would imagine it won't be the last. If and when marijuana is legalized in New York, Beak & Skiff and other companies in New York will start offering other beverages infused with both CBD and THC.

According to NYUP, Beak & Skiff CBD Seltzer is available at the online Beak & Skiff shop and at the retail store at the company’s 1911 Distillery on Route 20. It will soon be sold in selected retail stores across the state.

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