Ever since he's come over to play outfield for the Mets, Yoenis Cespedes hasn't been able to stay on the field. A litany of lower body injuries has cost Cespedes as much as half the season; see 2017. And so is changing positions the solution to keeping him healthy? The Mets slugger sure thinks so.

Cespedes has said to the Mets that he would be willing to play first base and so while he works his way back from the disabled list, the left fielder is starting to take some grounders at first.

Despite the lack of wins, this franchise never ceases to stay interesting. In addition to the potential Cespedes position change, Tim Tebow feels like he gets closer to the majors with every day that passes. The star attraction at AA Binghamton doubled in his first at-bat of the Eastern League All-Star game on Wednesday night and with the season lost, why not bring Tebow to the big league club as a September call-up?

Newsday's Mets beat writer Tim Healey digs into all things Mets for us on Big Board Sports:

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