There are some people that you know or think you know like celebrities, and you can picture in your mind exactly what their house looks like inside. Jimmy Fallon is one of those celebrities that I knew almost exactly what his Manhatten apartment looked like inside before I ever even opened the real estate listing.

Last year right before the pandemic broke out my family and I went on the NBC tour at Rockafeller Plaza and we got to see where Jimmy Fallon tapes The Tonight Show. One of the coolest things was seeing his artistic touches to the studio, green room, and dressing rooms. It was all brightly painted, goofy, and whimsical. I get the impression that Jimmy Fallon is just a big man-child that has stayed the same goofy guy he's always been and that his big money hasn't changed him that much.

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This awesome apartment is exactly what I pictured when I saw that Jimmy Fallon was selling his apartment. It's bright, and goofy, and sentimental, and looks like a really fun place to hang out.

Jimmy Fallon didn't have much luck selling it and now it's off the least for now.

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