It was a busy weekend in Upstate New York for Jimmy Fallon.

As we covered on Monday, Fallon spent the weekend on the road with comedian Nate Bargatze. He joined Bargatze on-stage for his show on Friday in Syracuse, and as his tour moved to Albany, Fallon chose to follow.

On Saturday, Fallon popped up in a few areas around The College of Saint Rose, as was captured by a few surprised students on social media:

@heavenandsel fever dream. #fyp #kegsandeggs ♬ eyes on my baby x between friends demo - BETWEEN FRIENDS

Then, Fallon surprised the audience at MVP Arena (myself and my family included) who were attending Bargatze's show, and proceeded to do a hilarious ten-minute comedy set:

@sarah_sharkey_ Not the fake degree 😂 #strose #albany #saintroseclosing #saintrose #jimmyfallon #mvp #college ♬ original sound - sarah_sharkey

It was a wild weekend, but clearly, one that meant a lot to Fallon, who came to the Capital Region to attend Saint Rose back in the early 1990's, and who received an honorary doctorate from the institution in 2009.

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Then, as all of us did, Fallon returned to his "nine-to-five job" on Monday, arriving in New York City to host The Tonight Show.

During Monday's show, Fallon, while seated at his desk on-set, recapped his wild weekend in Albany for the viewers. Take a look at this clip:

We knew most of the information about Fallon's weekend already, but some of this information was new. He flew in to Syracuse, but rode a tour bus with Bargatze and Co. to the Capital Region. He went to Saint Rose unannounced, and knocked on the door of his old apartment with zero warning beforehand.

Also, he acknowledged that he was nervous to perform at MVP Arena. It's a largely meaningless quote, but it's interesting to learn that a celebrity of Fallon's magnitude still gets jitters from time-to-time.

He ended his story with another interesting tidbit: he wants to go on the road again. Will he perform with Nate Bargatze again? I'm not sure, and I would imagine that he isn't sure, either.

Would he do his own stand-up comedy tour, and could he return to MVP Arena for it? Now, that is certainly an interesting possibility, and one we'll have to keep an eye on.

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