2020 continues to be one of the worst years in recorded history and the list of reasons I would actually grace Boston, Massachusettes, with my presence just went down one.

According to CBS News:

The owner says doors will close on Aug. 30. He blames the landlord for refusing to forgive rent when the bar was shut down earlier this year during the coronavirus pandemic.

The original location on Beacon Street, which actually inspired the bar on the show, will remain open.

I know it's not the real home of Sam Malone, Diane Chambers, Cliff Clavin, Norm Peterson, Woody Boyd, Ernie "Coach" Pattuso, Carla Tortelli or even Rebecca Howe but I loved that show pretty much from its debut in 1982 to the day Sam turned the last customer away in 1993. The child in me just lost one more connection to my dearly departed parents and I know that's kinda silly because it's not even the real bar but it stings nonetheless.

The real-world issue is so glaring and so sad that this is just one of many bars, restaurants, and a million other businesses that may not survive this COVID-19 pandemic. Those of us who have been able to navigate this world with less negativity than our neighbors need to look out for one another. Hearing that Cheers will close on August 30, 2020 has had this moment running through my head all day long.

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