People love craft beers for a number of reasons, and aside from the taste, one of the other main reasons for that love is the unique and colorful labels that breweries wrap around their cans. A beloved Upstate New York brewery has one popular beer whose can design has become so popular, that it's been recognized among the best in the country.

Have you had a chance to sample this craft brew, and if you have, did it taste anything like bacon?

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USA Today Names Upstate NY Beer Can Label Among Nation's Best

A story from New York Upstate shared results from a USA Today 10Best Reader’s Choice list, which surveyed readers to find the most popular beer can designs in the country. There was no real criteria: these designs could feature literally anything as long as they were unique.

An Upstate New York brewery was included on the list, as Porkslap Pale Ale from Butternuts Beer & Ale in Garrattsville, NY was named as the sixth-best beer can label in the country.

Haven't seen it before? Take a look at this social media post below:

Here's how Butternuts describes its popular pale ale:

"Amber color. Pours clear, the solid white foam head supports a mild malt and hop Aroma. Mild spice from the ginger addition leaves the palate with a crisp finish. Malt and hop flavors linger for a refreshing finish."

Porkslap Ale is one of four craft beers available on the Butternuts website, along with Hey Porter, Country Gold and Tree Candy.

Here are the other beer labels that were included in the Readers Choice poll along with Porkslap Ale:

  1. Shock G Forever - Federation Brewing & Hella Coastal
  2. Psychedelic Rabbit Transcendent IPA - New Realm Brewing Company
  3. Baby Nelson - City Built Brewing Company
  4. Xalapa - One Well Brewing
  5. Indy Pale Ale - Sun King Brewing
  6. Porkslap Ale - Butternuts Beer & Ale
  7. Dr. Pat's Double IPA - High Hops Brewery
  8. Methodical - Funguys Brewing
  9. Grey Lady - Cisco Brewers
  10. Defensive Pancake - Divine Barrel Brewing

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