Every Tuesday at 4 pm Levack and Goz take some time to specifically cover sports happening right here in the Capital Region. Chris Onorato of Big Board Sports heard right here on 104.5 The Team and Channel 13 News shares his knowledge of 518 sports. We tend to focus on Section 2 hence the name "Section 2sday" however anything going on in local sports can be heard here.

Today Chris Onorato not only covered all the regional sports he also helped to clarify a wager being the two shows. Levack and Onorato think the Cleveland Cavaliers will win the NBA Finals. Rodger Wyland and Goz are backing the Golden State Warriors. Naturally we decided to wager on the series. The terms are subject to change but as of right now if the Cavs win Levack gets to pop in on Rodger's sportscast on the Mighty 1-3 and Goz has to hold an umbrella(or reasonably similar service if there's no rain) for Chris Onorato while he's out filming for the news. If the Warriors win Levack has to stand on the corner of Wolf Rd and Central Ave wearing a sandwich board with Rodger's face on it and Goz get's Taco Bell from Chris.

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