Retailers beware the 5 finger louie's are out and about en mass. Yes those Christmas carmudgeons who want to ruin your bottom line. That's the bad news. The good news is thanks to data provided by ad week you are forwarned what to put under lock and key or more security  to protect certain goods. The folks at ad week estimate that 1 in every 11 shoppers are going to try and heist something from your store. They even compiled data showing  which goods are most popular with the klepto crowd.

At least when the vermin prey on freebies they like to smell good. Axe the mens deodorant finished 6th on the list of most popular while Chanel no.5 (not #3) came in 9th. Oh and a close shave is in order as the Gillette mach 4 razor came in at #5. Nothing like a good smelling shaved theif I always say

Parents don't want little Mary or Junior to go without as  the "let's Rock Elmo"  doll landed at item number 8 of the 10 most popular taken items. Perhaps merchants take a peak at your customers feet. If they smell good,are well shaven and have new sneeks on as the immensely popular Nikes rounded out the countdown at #10. Polo Ralph Loren for the well dressed taker.Electric tools came in 3rd and the iPhone came in 4th

The big winners according to statistics though are  at #2 Jameson. Hey don't laugh this fine Whiskey costs a good buck. Better to get your drink on with someone else's dime. But the honor as the most lifted item for Christmas 2011 are the very tasty and succulent Filet Mignon's. Oh who doesn't love a nice fat piece of red meat for Christmas. Of course most of us pay big money for that tasty treat oh but not the freebie fiends. So be on the lookout when shopping for that wonderful Christmas meal of the frozen foods and butcher departments for anyone with their meat tucked under their coats.

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