If you have driven down Central Ave recently, you may have noticed a new restaurant going into a fairly prominent location. Well, now it is open.

That new restaurant goes by a fairly simplistic name, Brazilian Steak House. This might not be that bad of a thing as you certainly are not going to confuse anyone what the food you are serving is.

I like the idea of a Brazilian place going in on the corner of Central Ave and Locust Park. This building is the former home of a pizzeria, Mia Lucca's. Lets hope the fate of Brazilian Steak House is much more glorious than theirs was.

What does this new eatery offer? According to Times Union they have 11 different meats and numerous sides and it is buffet style where you pay by the pound on your plate. The per pound price isn't really all that bad, $9.49. More about the new restaurant is here.

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