This is not turning into a banner week for the NFL. If you believe the actions of the few reflect on all it is a horrible week.

I personally don't believe that but regardless this is not a good week for the NFL.In fact you could say 1 of the worst weeks ever. 1st Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots charged with murder. Now A rookie with the Cleveland Browns has been charged with attempted murder.

Undrafted rookie linebacker Ausar Walcott turned himself into police and is charged with attempted murder.

The incident took place out a topless establishment in New Jersey. It is alleged that Walcott got into a scuffle with a man named Derrick Jones. Walcott is alleged to have punched Jones in the head. Walcott is in critical condition. No word yet if doctors expect him to live or die.

Walcott is being held on 500,000 dollar bail. He signed with the Browns in May. Walcott was a starter for the Virginia Cavaliers. He started 22 games in his college career.

Authorities haven't released many details about the incident, what set it off, or why a punch has a man in critical condition. We don't know if Walcott was defending himself or was the instigator or what the fight was about or if anyone else was involved.

Walcott was arrested during his college days as well. Back in 2011, for assault and battery.

Walcott faces a whole list of charges. Attempted murder in the 1st degree, 2nd degree aggravated assault, and 3rd degree endangering an injured victim.

The Browns have released Walcott from his contract.