Today during Levack and Goz we were joined on the show by Lake County News Herald and Burning River Baseball's Justin Lada. The Cleveland Indians were able to sign Edwin Encarnacion away from the Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox. What type of impact will the slugger have in the AL Central this season? Plus over the Christmas break, Cavaliers' star LeBron James made national news for two different reasons. James did not hit the game winning shot in his team's win over the Golden State Warriors. In the team's next match up against the Detroit Pistons, James sat against the Eastern Conference opponent. Did Lebron's absence in the following game bother any Cavalier fans? Believe or not, the Cleveland Browns finally won a game over the weekend.Although the Browns started 0-14, are we actually going to see the Browns not get the number one overall in this year' draft? Click the video below to find out Justin Lada's thoughts on that and more.