Each Wednesday at 4pm, Levack and I discuss the most confusing sports stories in a segment simply called "WHY?!". It could be a coaching decision, a team, a player movement or something else. Each week we are presented with a story that has happened in the past week in sports and we have to figure out why the event has occurred. Although the concept of the segment sounds simple, it truly is much harder to come to a conclusion on the topics. This week it was Brian "The Closer" Mariano stepping in to fill in for Levack. I had to ask Brain WHY?! Russ Brandon and Doug Whaley were not taking more blame for the struggles of the Buffalo Bills. It's now the final week of the regular season but Christian Hackenburg is still not starting. Plus why is Stranger Things the highest rated show on Netflix in 2016? To listen to this week's video, click the link and help us answer the answer WHY?!