Blake Griffin is having a great season for the Los Angeles Clippers.  The Clippers are improving, but this weekend they reminded us that they're still horrid.

The Clippers lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night.  The win snapped a 26-game losing streak for the Cavs which was tied for the longest losing streak across the four major sports.  Yeah, the losing streak was equally as bad as the Tampa Bay Bucs'  26-game losing streak in 1976-77.

That's just embarrassing.  The Cavs are a mighty 9-46 on the season.  Being the team to break up a 26-game losing streak simply makes the Clippers look like, well, the Clippers.

With all of the Blake Griffin buzz, you might think that the Clippers are having a decent season.  Wrong.  The Clippers have the third-worst record in the West.  The Clips are 20-34.  Only the Sacramento Kings and Minnesota Timberwolves have a worse record than the Clips in the Western Conference.

I always say, "Don't confuse better with good."  The Clippers are better.  They're improving.  Blake Griffin is providing some hope for the future.  But they're not good.  Don't confuse the two.