Former San Franciso 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick is a former starter in the Super Bowl, an activist, and potentially a future best selling author.

Earlier this week, Kapeernick released this statement about the soon to be released memoir

My protest was the culmination of years of thought and experiences, of learning and unlearning. I want to tell the story of my evolution, and the events that led me to protest systemic oppression, in hopes that it will inspire others to rise in action. I am excited that through this groundbreaking partnership between Kaepernick Publishing and Audible, we can elevate black and brown voices who can empower future generations

According to ESPN, the memoir will be released by a company founded called the "Kaepernick Publishing " No time table has been set yet on the release date of the memoir.

Are you interested in reading the Colin Kaepernick memoir in the future? Let us know your thoughts below.


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