Yah a Company called CCCarpet or something just had their CEO die of a heart attack after he was informed that his million dollar promotion had gone horribly wrong and he was in the hole for a lot of rug.



Wow that seems like a ever idea to begin with. It’s not going to make me rush out and buy a whole mess of carpet just because I think that a guy is going to hit a grand salami.  I mean its not  like I can eat all that rug, I would need to spend money on food and water.  Which is what I would of thought till I saw this.



BOOOOOOOM, I want all kinds of rug and countertops. I need a marble counter top in my bathroom, no check that I need marble stairs. JUST BUILD ME SOME SWEET SWAG COVER IN THICK RED SHAG CARPET.  Also this guys daughter is pretty hot.