What kid doesn't like getting their face painted? You can literally transform your face into your favorite super hero or animal within minutes!

With Kidabaloo right around the corner, on April 17, here are my top-five face painting designs to keep your kids looking fresh.

1.) Any "Avenger" super hero - This is probably the most popular choice. Avengers are in and I am sure that, because of your kids, you are well aware of the new Captain America movie coming out this summer. My top choice would be Iron Man. He has the coolest mask of all of the avengers, a design that would cover your whole child's face. Let your child be Iron Man for a day and fly around all the bounces houses that Kidabaloo has to offer!

2.) Animals - Everyone likes animals, no matter what age. I'll add to that by saying that everyone has wanted to be an animal at some point in their lives. My top choice for animal face painting design would be a lizard. Not saying that that's the animal I would want to be, but come on, green face, with a little tongue painted below the mouth? It's the right mix of cool and adorable.

3.) Disney Characters - Don't want to get the whole face painted, but still want to rock a cool design? No problem. Disney Princesses work perfect for smaller cheek designs. Elsa from Frozen will be in attendance, and I am sure she would love to meet your young one with a small design of herself on your child's face, or maybe even her friend, and my favorite, Olaf.

Meet the Hill City Ice Queen at Kidabaloo!
Meet the Hill City Ice Queen at Kidabaloo!

4.) Your favorite sports team - Every sports parent makes their child root for their favorite teams growing up, or at least until they are old enough to form their own opinion. I know my father was a proud parent the first day he saw me wearing New York Yankees attire, and you better believe if I had a child, he would be dawning the Yankees logo on his cheek with pride!

5.) A clown - They are hilarious, goofy characters, and maybe that's what your child is! Lot's of people love clowns, and if your child can fit the role, let them goof around! For the sake of kids and parents at Kidabloo, please avoid the sad clown look. Even as a 24 year old, sad clowns still freak me out! Stick with the theme of Kidabloo. Happy clowns will be a hit with the other kids for sure!

Kidabloo isn't limited to just face painting. Aside from the Hill City Ice Queen, kids can also get their pictures taken with some of their favorite super heroes and princesses! Kidabloo will also feature bounce houses, balloon twisters, clowns and character dance offs!

All activities are included with the price of the event. For more information about Kidabaloo, visit their website here.

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