The latest craze that seems to be sweeping Upstate New York or at least its lakes is Ice Fishing. I know that there have always been some tents and people enjoying the sport of Ice Fishing in the past but this year it's everywhere. Obviously, people are in need of entertainment and activity while still maintaining social distancing all of which can clearly be achieved on a large frozen body of water like Lake George but IT'S COLD!

Local news outlets like Spectrum News and New York Upstate have both posted stories today highlighting the rush of people to get outside, dig a hole in a lake, and fish. In every single picture, people are loving life while they hold up huge fish they've caught in Upstate New York. I shiver after looking at every post on Facebook or Twitter. I'm honestly shocked that so many people have been caught up in the ice fishing craze.

I'll start by admitting I've never been a big fan of fishing. I have friends that live for it and I respect their passion but it's just not for me, so why in the world would I now slide out on the ice and freeze my butt off while doing it? Is this craze here to stay or do you think the second most people slide out there they know it'll be the last time? Once the world is fully spinning again and your entertainment options are all back would you still go out on a few acres worth of ice, dig a hole then sit and wait for a fish to bite? I'll keep my "Ice Fishing" to the frozen food section of Price Chopper or Hannaford thanks.

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