This horrible ski jump attempt will have you cracking up.  Fortunately, this Japanese jumper was unharmed.

Is it me, or is this video somehow funnier to you because it’s in Japanese?  It has to be because I can’t understand what the commentators are saying.  I envision them making ridiculously blunt comments like, “Wow, that was god-awful.”  That’s what I would be saying, at least.

Daiki Ito didn’t exactly begin this attempt with an impressive amount of grace.  He had to be freaking out about possibly tumbling over the edge.  I would’ve had those thoughts racing through my head because that Wide World of Sports intro is burned into my brain.

Do you remember the ABC intro that features the ski jumper tumbling over the edge as the line “and the agony of defeat” is being said?  The video is posted below if you don’t remember or if you’ve never seen the footage before.  Fortunately, Daiki Ito didn’t become the 2013 remake of this brutal highlight.

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