*Update 11/17/2020*

Low/Moderate risk Winter sports can begin on 11/30/2020
High Risk will hopefully begin on 1/4/2020

So as of right now Low to Moderate risk sports include bowling, gymnastics, indoor track & field, skiing, boys swimming & diving. So these games are going to begin on December 14th providing they complete six practices prior to competitions. High-risk sports are basketball, ice hockey, wrestling, boys winter volleyball, and cheerleading which could also start on December 14th with six practices prior to competition if they get New York State Department of Health approval, which is pending. If the approval from the NYSDOH comes in time for high-risk sports to start with low and moderate-risk sports they would hopefully begin on January 4th. The January 4th date would also need NYSOH approval and six practices.

I know a lot can change between now and December 14th but this is great news if for no other reason than there's an obvious effort to move forwards with Wintersports by Section 2 so long as they can do so safely. With the current state of sports, anything that adds hope to competition is a win for me. Fingers crossed these kids get to play safely.

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