Patrick has done nothing in her one year career with NASCAR. A few top tens but the only reason you know her name is that she is a 10.

This Current top five driver in NASCAR’s Nationwide series is far more famous for her commercials then her driving. There is no question about her looks; it’s her validity as a driver that I’m taking into question.  She is a sex symbol that even the cast of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” wants to take home. I for one certainly wouldn’t turn her away if she rang my doorbell.

I just have one problem with her fame; she hasn’t won anything and seems to be benefiting from NASACAR'S complicated rule system that seems to put fan favorites in the point chase. Like Paris Hilton who claims to be an actor because she was a voice in “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”, we believe she is a good driver cause she won The Japan 500 in an indy car once.

Danica needs to decide if she wants to drive her car or make money of her airbags. Right now she is one crotch flash away from being a full blown Hilton Hot Mess.

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