Check out this footage of a deer taking out a mountain biker during a race.  This deer channeled his inner Ray Lewis and showcased great form on this takedown.

There are many hazards during a mountain bike race.  You’ve got dirt, stones, hills, and trees among other things.  Of course, you’ve got other bikers to contend with also.  Oh, and don’t forget about random deer that happen to be running through the forest like bats out of the depths of hell.

A cyclist named Jeff Plassman got knocked over by a deer during the Monster Cross and Mountain Bike race.  The race was at Pocahontas State Park.  Man, Pocahontas State Park sounds much more peaceful than it turned out to be for Jeff Plassman.  The biker was “really surprised” to get knocked over by the deer.  That’s a fair statement.  Jeff was able to get back on his bike and finish the race.  As for the deer; who cares?

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