We've all seen plenty of crashes, but when they involve Indy cars with their open cockpit, they can seem especially rough.

Take this weeks race at the Pocono Motor Speedway. An incident in the pits had three cars involved and one driver lucky to walk away. The # 98 car of Indy 500 champ Alexander Rossi left his pit, had contact with the #83 of Charley Kimbell who was entering his pit. The front end of Rossis car was launched upward and came down on the #3 of Helio Castroneves. It appeared that the right front tire on Rossis car came down directly on Castroneves' head!

Somehow no one was hurt and Kimbell actually drove away. I know that as in all motor sports, safety is a huge priority, but you can't plan for something like this. It's amazing that no one was hurt!

Check out the crash...

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