The Raiders won their week 1 game on the heels of a converted 2-point conversion in the waning seconds of their shootout with the New Orleans Saints. Head coach Jack Del Rio is known for making crazy calls at times, but this one was absolutely INSANE...and I loved it.

First off, the call was made during a week one game. Every team wants to start the season off with a win, however, had you polled the majority of head coaches in the NFL they would likely tell you that they would've kicked the extra point and played for overtime. With much expected from the Raiders this season after what they did in free agency and the draft over the last few years, a win like this is one that can catapult a team to great things during the rest of their season.
"I didn't really ask for any feedback there. I said, 'When we score here, we are going to go for 2 and win it right here,'" Del Rio said after the comeback victory.
What do you make of Del Rio's call to go for two with the game on the line in week 1?