The man who used to go by the moniker The Dark Knight is on a path to go quietly into the night. The day on which he used to toe the rubber was known as a Harvey Day to Mets fans, but this may now be the end of days for the one-time ace.

On Thursday night, Matt Harvey snapped an ugly streak of failing to complete more than five innings in 12 straight starts dating back to last year. However, Harvey's six innings pitched in his most recent start were marred by six earned runs, a season high.

Harvey set a dubious franchise record last season as a starter. No pitcher in Mets history has finished with an ERA as high as Harvey's in 2017; 6.70. Harvey's ERA through four starts in 2018? 6.00. With Jason Vargas on the verge of coming off the disabled list, Mickey Callaway and Sandy Alderson had a decision to make on how they would realign the rotation. Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom, while healthy, are immovable object at the top of that rotation. The other three (Harvey, Steven Matz and Zack Wheeler) are not as firmly entrenched, but on this occasion, the casualty of Callaway's decision is Matt Harvey. The only question now that remains is for how long will Harvey be a bullpen arm?

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