The Buffalo Bills ended the Rex Ryan experiment in Buffalo and have moved on from that staff. Many Bills fans are thrilled with the change but before you celebrate let me ask you if they should of kept Sanjay Lal?

The 47 year old Wide Receiver coach is Sammy Watkins' favorite coach and with him leaving for the Indianapolis Colts this could be the beginning of the end for Watkins in Buffalo.

“He is great. He is a great coach and so far I haven’t even been on the field with him that much but my game has improved with just the little things and the details,” Watkins said. “Seeing our receivers right now become true receivers. He is teaching us how to play the game.”

Watkins would be an Unrestricted Free Agent after 2018 if the Bills pick up his Rookie fifth year option. My prediction is Watkins will be catching passes from Andrew Luck in 2019.

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