The Patriots beat the Redskins on Sunday and are now 8-0, but it didn't come without sacrifice.

Albany native Dion Lewis left the game with a non-contact injury to his left knee.

The update?

So we're not sure what is wrong with Lewis yet, and we'll learn more today.

The Patriots are perfect this season, but they have had to deal with a slew of injuries to the offensive line and they would like to be able to keep Lewis in the mix this season. He's been a great threat out of the backfield in both the run and the pass games.

He's second on the team in rushing yards (234, 2 Tds) and third on the team in receiving yards (388).

The Patriots will travel to MetLife Stadium next week for a matchup with the 5-4 Giants. The G-Men signed Shane Vereen on the offseason which opened the door for Lewis to see time in New England.