Over the weekend there was a themed bachelor party at Comerica Park the home of the Detroit Tigers. 45 men dressed as Tom Selleck's Iconic TV character Magnum P.I. were removed from the Tigers/White Sox game.

According to The News Herald "The 45 men dressed as Tom Selleck's iconic character, who himself was a Tiger's fan evidenced from the hat he wore in many episodes of the series, were ejected from the park. They were there for a bachelor party for Allen Park resident Joe Tuccini.

 Allen Park resident Chris Tuccini, the groom's younger brother, said they were told one of them was smoking and they were catcalling as the reasons for the removal.

"I don't know how that made us all guilty," he said.

The group also included a cardboard cut out of Selleck as Thomas Magnum. The Detroit Tigers didn't immediately respond to requests for comment."

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