Oh those frisky ball players. Gotta love these guys. Get hurt running the bases-out for a month. Full on Brawl it's hey count me in. Dumb Dumb ball took over Chavez Ravine during game 2 of the Dodgers-DBacks series last night. End result. 6 tossed out, Head hunting stupidity and eventually a Dodger win 5-3.

The foolishness started in the 5th inning when Dodgers pitcher Zack Greinke hit Arizona's Cody Ross with a pitch. Happens right. The Diamondbacks extracted revenge when Jason Kubel smashed a 2 run home run to give the Snakes a 2-0 lead. Revenge enough? Well not for Arizona starter Ian Kennedy.

Kennedy decided he was going to get his 2 pounds of flesh when he hit Dodgers budding star Yasiel Puig in the face, grazing his nose. Could have been a lot worse. but why was Kennedy even extracting revenge? That came on Kubel's home run. Why more so at the head?

The clown act continues into the top of the 7th, when rightfully Greinke wants to get his revenge for Kennedy hitting Puig. Greinke throws essentially behind Miguel Montero the Diamondbacks catcher. He hit him in the back. Ok dumb dumb stuff over now right? Not even!

To the bottom of the 7th we go and now Kennedy loses his mind for sure. He decides with 1 out and the game tied at 2 he was going to hit Greinke. He throws high at him also, hitting his shoulder. Now it is full on brawl time. the usual bluster you get from ball player but with a little more anger. Diamondbacks assistant hitting coach Turner Ward being almost thrown over the ropes WWE style. The ropes in this case being the dugout rail. That's how out of control this thing got. Coaches yelling at each other. Managers Don Mattingly and Kirk Gibson  getting into separate arguments.

The best for my money was watching 2 coaches, both  steroid druggies, Matt Williams  of Arizona and Mark McGuire of the Dodgers  grabbing hold of each other by the jerseys. Back in the day this would have been an entertaining throw down. Now these coaches can only hit each other with their used syringes.

6 players/coaches tossed later and the usual " not my guy" pap from both managers, suspensions await. For who and how long will probably come down today or tomorrow at the latest.

Hey I am all good for defending your guys, taking the inside part of the plate for the pitcher, and getting evens at times, but throwing at people's heads like Kennedy did to Puig warrants a longer suspension then any one else gets. That's not hard nosed team baseball. That's being an idiot!

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